Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The funny ways we learn......

I have to say, before I became pregnant with this little one.... I thought I knew what pregnancy was all about, after all, I did have one beautiful little girl only 3 years ago. However, I had some misconceptions that apparently, my newest addition was going to clear up for me.

I use to think, yes, even after being pregnant, that morning sickness was to a slight degree, psychological. Yup, call me stupid, its okay. It often baffled me how women who did not know they were pregnant, took a test, got a BFP, and started puking that day, were not somehow experiencing imaginary morning sickness. That is until, I became pregnant with my second and felt morning sickness, morning noon and night. I only lost it once, which was MORE then I did with my last pregnancy, but felt as if I as battling a stomach bug for ohhh... I can't remember, some 20 weeks maybe?? So my little girl, though still inside me, taught me that morning sickness is very real.

Additionally, with my first, I never, ever, felt her on my bladder. I also did not understand why women would complain about having to pee all the time, or worse, having the baby kick their bladder when its full. Or having to get up in the middle of the night, numerous times to pee. Yeah right, I slept through the night practically (except for the occasional, painful RL pain) up until I was about 8-9 months pregnant. I kind of thought, pregnant women complain a lot.(LOL at myself now) So again, my little one in the womb decided to humbly teach me a lesson. My bladder? She likes it, a lot. She likes to be close to it, cuddle with it, squish it, and most of all, KICK IT. Especially if it gets even a little bit full, she kindly reminds me, over and over again, to empty it!!! It is quite the weird feeling, half pain, half gonna pee myself.....

So the lesson learned? I won't question another pregnant woman's complaints again. I now understand. And I love these lessons my little one has already taught me, to be humble, non-judgmental and more understanding toward others...…….. and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for me the next 60 years or so!

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