Saturday, January 22, 2011

So it begins.........

When I was younger, I always wrote in a journal. It was the place where I expressed my dreams, thoughts, fears and emotions. But the problem with the journal was, no one else ever saw it. I poured all my feelings into a piece of paper, that was left alone and untouched again for years. I still feel the need even at 27 years old, to express myself through writing. There is such a release when you take those emotions, thoughts and feelings and get them out, even if its only on paper, or now, online.

There really isn't going to be one main thought behind this blog, it will change as my life changes. As the days come and go, so will my thoughts, as the times change, so will what I have to say.

But to start things off, what I hope to share through this blog, is that everyone has a story. Even if they look like a naive inexperienced young person, or an agitated elderly person, there is a story behind them. We never know when we meet someone what they have been through or experienced, so if they treat you bad that day, maybe this will help to remind you that in their life they may have secrets that hurt, experiences that cause them pain, and issues in their life that are bringing them down. So simply, give them another chance. Don't take things personal. Usually, it has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them.

In my next few blogs I will share a little bit of what I've been through, and what I've learned from those experiences and why I am the person I am today.

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