Friday, September 5, 2014

Up on cloud number 11....


11 years ago on a Saturday just like today, the air was clear and the skies were a blue I won't ever forget.  I woke groggy from the sleeping pill I had taken the night before. I laid in bed, watching my friends getting their hair all done up and beautiful. They starred at me wondering what was wrong with me. Why was I laying so peacefully in my bed, while they scurried to get ready? Well, for one, the sleeping pill. 

But the other and most important reason was the fact that I wasn't just getting married today. I was marrying my soul-mate, my best friend in the whole entire world. What was there to be nervous about? Sure, I don't like large crowds, a lot of attention on me or an excessive amount of hugging from people I'm not overly close with....... But those things aside, I couldn’t wait to start our life together. 

Fast forwarding 11 years- I could not ever imagine our life would be where it is today. It has not been easy by any means. Along our journey together we've lost loved ones, dealt with numerous health problems , job and economic struggles, and even experienced near death situations together. But along with that-  we've managed to have a lot of fun. Late night last minute trips to the beach, including a strange man that jumped out in front of our car in the middle of the highway- that still gives us the shivers & every now and then we question what exactly the heck that was, downtown stalking Bryan Adams together in hopes of getting an autograph..... But most importantly,   two beautiful little girls have come along, turned our world upside down and made us a family. One little girl just like her daddy, and one little girl just little her mama.  

Breathtakingly beautiful in completely different ways. And I would never have any of this, any of these life experiences and beautiful babies if 11 years ago today, I hadn't married my best friend. And even though I don't believe that dreams speak to you in some strange way - I am grateful for the dream I had at only 17 years old, before we even started dating, exposing the shadows of what my life would have been if I did not have him in it. My mom still remembers me telling her about that dream to this day. I think even she knew at that moment that we were meant to be together. 

And I am so happy that my dream gave me a glimpse into the emptiness I would feel if he was not in my life. But he is, right where he belongs, where we belong- together.  Happy Anniversary my love. 

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