Thursday, October 11, 2012

A year in review....

Writing has always been one of my most beloved interests. And even though the time is not present, the love for it still lingers.

But now, as a mommy of two.... priorities have shifted a bit. If I manage to paint my nails, its been not simply a good day, but a great day. But on a normal day, I am lucky to have a few quiet moments to myself before its off to bed, to do it all over again.  Or, off to bed to take some muscle relaxers, to have sleep induced in an otherwise overly anxious and concerned mother.

 In other words, as a mom, it is virtually impossible to turn the mommy off. We're always thinking, planning, scheming, reorganizing, and doing whatever other things mommy's do in their head, when they finally have some quiet.

With that being said, I've been thinking about this "year in review" blog for some time now. What direction was I going to take with this blog, would it be a word by word detailed description of what my family is like now, with one tiny little person added into the mix? Would it be all the positive special memories smushed into a few paragraphs? Or would I share the most emotionally draining experience that our family went through last year and be a downer for the rest of this blog?

Eh, never mind...... The girls are in bed, the dishes are done, and the coffee is ready to go. Lets just get some sleep and blog later.

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